Attending to the garden to keep the weight off

Attending to the garden to keep the weight off

Woman tending allotment

If you feel you can stand to lose a few pounds, or want to keep your slim figure, but you don’t fancy starving yourself half to death or going to the gym every other day, there is another way to keep the weight off … you can take up gardening and enjoy weight loss locallly.

Gardening burns off no less than 300 calories per hour and is an excellent exercise for your stomach, your back, arms, legs, buttocks, in fact, your whole body. And in the process, you’re in the fresh air, benefitting your heart and lungs.

No matter how enthusiastic you are about taking up gardening, if you’re not used to it, try to take it easy. While gardening you’re using a lot of muscles and if you go too fast too soon, you might hurt yourself.

Start with simple tasks such as watering plants. You might think this too easy, but carrying a heavy watering can around, will increase your heart rate and give your arm and leg muscles a workout. After a few days, start mowing the lawn or dig holes for things you want to plant.

Keep in mind that nipping into the garden once a week for five minutes is not gonna give the desired results. If you’re serious about losing weight Maidenhead, you should set up a gardening routine that keeps you active every other day for at least half an hour or twice fifteen minutes.

Every season offers you a new activity. In spring you can do digging, in summer you’ll get your exercise from weeding a mowing the lawn, in autumn can burn those calories by raking leaves and in winter there’s nothing like shoveling snow.

In case you’re interested in numbers, the following will give you some idea.

– Planting flowers or seedings, weeding, and raking leaves burn about 162 calories.
– Planting a tree or shrub burns 185 calories.
– Digging a flowerbed or vegetable patch burns 202 calories.
– Mowing the lawn with a push mower, chopping wood or shoveling show takes you to the maximum of between 250 to 350 calories.
You might want to take it easy with the snow shoveling though, this type of exercise is extremely taxing on the back and arm muscles as well as the heart.

While gardening is indeed a healthy hobby that will help you lose weight, it’s important that you keep certain safety tips in mind.

– Don’t engage in heavy exercise every day, give your muscles at least a 24-hour recuperation chance.
– When lifting heavy objects, lift with your legs, not your back. This means, don’t bend over to pick something up, but rather bend your legs into a crouching position.
– If you’re going to spend time on knees weeding, place a cushion under your knees. If you feel your back is getting tired, stand up and do a few stretches.

Keep up these activities and not only will you experience weight loss locallly, you’ll have a well-toned body and develop strong muscles.

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