Attending to the garden to keep the weight off

Attending to the garden to keep the weight off

Woman tending allotment

If you feel you can stand to lose a few pounds, or want to keep your slim figure, but you don’t fancy starving yourself half to death or going to the gym every other day, there is another way to keep the weight off … you can take up gardening and enjoy weight loss locallly.

Gardening burns off no less than 300 calories per hour and is an excellent exercise for your stomach, your back, arms, legs, buttocks, in fact, your whole body. And in the process, you’re in the fresh air, benefitting your heart and lungs.

No matter how enthusiastic you are about taking up gardening, if you’re not used to it, try to take it easy. While gardening you’re using a lot of muscles and if you go too fast too soon, you might hurt yourself.

Start with simple tasks such as watering plants. You might think this too easy, but carrying a heavy watering can around, will increase your heart rate and give your arm and leg muscles a workout. After a few days, start mowing the lawn or dig holes for things you want to plant.

Keep in mind that nipping into the garden once a week for five minutes is not gonna give the desired results. If you’re serious about losing weight Maidenhead, you should set up a gardening routine that keeps you active every other day for at least half an hour or twice fifteen minutes.

Every season offers you a new activity. In spring you can do digging, in summer you’ll get your exercise from weeding a mowing the lawn, in autumn can burn those calories by raking leaves and in winter there’s nothing like shoveling snow.

In case you’re interested in numbers, the following will give you some idea.

– Planting flowers or seedings, weeding, and raking leaves burn about 162 calories.
– Planting a tree or shrub burns 185 calories.
– Digging a flowerbed or vegetable patch burns 202 calories.
– Mowing the lawn with a push mower, chopping wood or shoveling show takes you to the maximum of between 250 to 350 calories.
You might want to take it easy with the snow shoveling though, this type of exercise is extremely taxing on the back and arm muscles as well as the heart.

While gardening is indeed a healthy hobby that will help you lose weight, it’s important that you keep certain safety tips in mind.

– Don’t engage in heavy exercise every day, give your muscles at least a 24-hour recuperation chance.
– When lifting heavy objects, lift with your legs, not your back. This means, don’t bend over to pick something up, but rather bend your legs into a crouching position.
– If you’re going to spend time on knees weeding, place a cushion under your knees. If you feel your back is getting tired, stand up and do a few stretches.

Keep up these activities and not only will you experience weight loss locallly, you’ll have a well-toned body and develop strong muscles.

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Flowers and preparing for a Date

Preparing for a Date
Preparing for a date is all about creating that awesome impression and there are some basic pointers to getting this right.
First of all, dress appropriately. Don’t go formal if it’s a casual setting – that will look weird and put your date on edge. Wear something that you feel comfortable in but make sure it gives off a good vibe about you. If you’re a woman who wouldn’t normally wear a skirt or dress, then don’t; you’ll feel awkward. Wear trousers or smart jeans with a sweater or flattering top. If you’re a guy who wouldn’t normally wear a suit, stick to smart-casual, or even a decent t-shirt with a shirt or casual jacket over the top.
Personal grooming is a priority. Have a shower, wash your hair, tidy yourself up and smell nice. Deodorant, aftershave, perfume are all good things but go carefully as you don’t want to overpower your date so they choke before you get within ten yards. Your scent should be alluring, rather than as if you’ve been marinating overnight.
Above all, smile! This will probably do more for you than the right clothes, the right flowers or the right shoes. Most of us remember to check our teeth before we head off for our big date, but these can ruin a smile if we don’t look after them. Many people have found huge benefits from laser teeth whitening so it could be the time to consider if this is right for you.
A gorgeous smile is captivating and puts people at ease. Eye contact is important as it makes the other person feel acknowledged and interesting, and teamed with a dazzling smile it’s a killer combination. Behaviour is the most crucial aspect of a date, especially a first date, so listen to your partner and allow them to finish talking before you jump in. Show your date that you are listening to them and don’t continually orient your conversation around yourself. Ask about them – what food they like, what music they’re into, what they like to do to relax and you’ll see a positive result. Obviously make sure it doesn’t sound like you’re interviewing them, but providing you’re attentive and remember to smile, you’ll be onto a winner. Teeth whitening Stratford upon avon
A successful date is all about confidence. If you feel comfortable, you’ll feel more confident, so even if you’re unsure what to wear or say, you can be sure that your smile won’t let you down. Find out more about laser teeth whitening today to boost your appearance and your confidence.
You don’t get a second chance to create a good first impression, so get it right first time and dazzle them with your personality as well as your smile.
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Common Thoughts of a Bride-to-Be 

Common Thoughts of a BridetoBe

You’re about to get married! Isn’t that exciting?! Many people have a preset way of thinking about what it would be like to get married. Most single people assume that getting married is the most amazing and incredible thing that could ever happen to you. In many ways this is true; however, there is more to it than that. The resulting reacting for the bride-to-be, for example, is not what everyone would assume. Don’t get me wrong, getting married is awesome, but the events that lead up to the wedding aren’t always so great for her. She often goes through emotional turmoil beforehand. Confused? Let’s lay out a few of the most common reactions for the bride, shall we?


A Combination of Anxiety and Stress

The most common initial reaction of the bride-to-be is to feel a sense of anxiousness that she can’t explain away. This anxiety causes increased stress just to make matters worse. An inescapable feeling of dread for what is coming and what she might be losing envelops her. Will she ever be Daddy’s little girl again? Will she ever be able to just be free and worry only for herself as she used to be able to? She feels like there is no possible way she could be a good wife. There is even a part of her that fears she and her husband will not work out in the long run. After some time of trying to shut out all these horrible thoughts and feelings, she may consider calling the wedding off. Most of the time, in the end, this does not occur and the wedding goes on. The times where it is called off, it is often never made to be back ‘on’ again; at least not for a long period of time.


Has He Always Been this Irritating?

As the wedding day gets close, she may find herself noticing a number of tiny things that her husband-to-be does. For some strange reason, these tiny things begin to annoy her profusely! She begins to point these things out to him and then gets even more irritated when it seems like he is unable to stop all of them at once. Deep down, she knows that she’s perhaps being too picky, but that doesn’t stop her from continually pointing them out.


The End Result

So what does she finally think when the day comes. Sure, some still feel anxious and stressed on the day. That’s only natural, right? Once it’s all over, however, and things start to calm down, she realizes that married life isn’t so bad after all. In fact, she will usually really enjoy life with her husband. All her stress and anxiety was for nothing; or was it? Under no circumstances should she believe that her husband was perfectly fine the whole time. Men are not immune to the fears of growing up either. However, women are naturally more empathetic than men and find it more difficult to cope with the extremeness of their anxiety. So men, when your bride-to-be starts pointing out every time you tap your fingers on the table, you damn-well better quit it!

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